James fyfe and Lucy bray scammers info 07511449003 07902335166

Right I’ve been blogging on this couple for around 6months now.
Despite James having been to prison twice he has clearly not learnt his lesson and greed has got better of him so he scams people still on eBay / gumtree and Craiglist to keep up his lavish lifestyle.
He has connections to wayne lineker (as do most online fraudster)
They use a number of fake names and various bank accounts the last being
Sort 30-18-30
Account: 28793660

They then give ANY name to that account… The bank system obviously doesn’t need a real name and they know it.

They police, press etc all know about this couple and for some reason are just sitting on it to try and get a bigger story whilst everyone’s money is being spent on the hire of flash super cars and expensive holidays (they almost prepare to go back to prison by holding no assets in their name)
The richer they get the and longer it goes on the braver and more blatant they get as start to believe they are untouchable …. Helped recently by the introduction of ACTION FRAUD. Police will not take online fraud cases so divert you to public funded ACTION FRAUD who in my eyes are the biggest frauds of them all as solve no cases.

eBay names used in passed have been

They sell high priced items such as rolexs, Bose sound systems, apple MacBooks, tickets and expensive camera equipment. A number is normally displayed on the advert to arrange a cash sale at a “good price”

Real info we have on the couple (including pics)
Twitter accounts
Email: jamesfyfe18236@hotmail.co.uk

9 kings field

Both numbers still being used : 07511449003 and 07902335166



One thought on “James fyfe and Lucy bray scammers info 07511449003 07902335166

  1. now trading on eBay as misssexybum92 or sophie1703xx
    auctions canon 5d lll, mac pro and ipad
    when phoned gives name of James Ford, 8 south view rd, findon, worthing, BN15 0UA
    sort code 30-92-38
    acc no 43957460

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